Have Have you thought about questions that often contain the words why, how, where? For example, where is..., how can I find..., why hasn't it been done...? How can I prepare new manuals, training materials and procedures that comply with data protection aspects?

If these questions have become a part of your everyday life and you feel that you need to do something different, then InfiBird's hardworking content creator is ready to make your job easier! My passion ignites when topics related to internal communication come to the table, where it is necessary to find out where information gets stuck, why information does not move and what managers can do significantly better for their teams. I have decided to make information services available to companies with a new approach to help create clarity and a better understanding of yourself as an employee / manager, and then encourage you to review whether you are aligned with the current goals of the organization from a personal point of view. If you find that there is much more hidden in you that it is not possible to implement at the moment, then the service of a career consultant with the sauce of career information and a personal approach is exactly what will make your eyes shine, because you will reach a new challenge calmly and safely by delving into yourself. I support employees, managers and teams in making the best choices in their careers and identify internal communication bottlenecks with a systematic approach, offering as a solution new internal rules, information audit, information policy or recommendations that are in line with the most modern data protection regulations.

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