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I am Virge Rebane, company manager and founder. In me, an internal communication content creator, a data protection specialist and a career information consultant come together, which is a unique combination of the various needs of today's organizational world. Being a master of information and knowledge management, I came to the conclusion that I have acquired extremely comprehensive knowledge, which is so universal that it is needed in most structural units. So far, I have found a combo based on my strengths, the inseparable parts of which are a passionate will to write, an enthusiasm for conducting information searches and a desire to communicate with managers and those team members whose cooperation often requires support in the field of internal communication, which helps the organization to move more smoothly towards the goal.

I worked for 2.5 years at Omniva as a customer service consultant for Tallinna Kullerpunkt and support services group. An additional task in the same company was to deal with information management situation mapping, systematic recording of results, drawing conclusions and giving recommendations. In addition to my work experience at Omniva, I have worked as a librarian in Kuusalu and Tallinn Central Library for a total of four years. Through my work experience, I have seen the information-rich work environment of call centers and the accuracy of the banking industry and the abundance of information systems behind the numbers, from which it was necessary to gather data. 

My biggest passion and interest is working with information, data and information. I have set myself the goal of applying my strengths so that, through my passion, the communication between many teams and managers can become informed communication, the keywords of which are "Right time, right place!" I am ready to create new texts, educational materials and guides. I dare to collect information from the managers, so that the processes can be described and the mechanisms related to data protection rules can be designed into them. Through trusting and friendly communication, I support people on their journey to new career choices.

One area of interest that I can pursue through InfiBird is to provide people with articles based on my own opinion and from the perspective of an information scientist. The growth of readers' interest in the articles of the "InfiBird Info Guide" blog is a vivid example and a positive source of motivation for me, that its content is very necessary for someone somewhere. Knowing the needs of organizations in today's social media, online stores, communication, marketing, logistics, libraries and other fields, one of the most pervasive and greatest needs in every sector is information management, systematization, and the creation of new content. Therefore, every week 1-2 new blog articles will appear on my blog, which discuss current topics in the Estonian media landscape, which in one way or another touch on internal communication, career, management, data protection, etc. 


You can read the "InfiBird Information Manager" blog here: https://infibirdinfojuht.blogspot.com/ (it is in Estonian).


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250+ artiklit eesti keeles (toote kirjeldused moe valdkonnas riiete, jalatsite, aksessuaaride jmt kohta), mis sisaldavad 300-500 sõna.

90+ Infoülevaadet ja arvustust ning loomingulised vabalt valitud teemal “Link building articles” eesti keeles, mis sisaldavad 450-2500 sõna.

20+ tõlget inglise – eesti keelesuunal, mis sisaldavad 250-3000 sõna.

40+ Blogi artiklit InfiBird Infojuht blogis, mis on leitav siin: https://infibirdinfojuht.blogspot.com/. Blogi teemad kuuluvad infojuhtimise, teadmusjuhtimise ja kommunikatsiooni valdkonda.

Artiklite küljendamine EPUB failiks (kasutades Adobe.com InDesign tasulist rakendust).

Tööportaali Kandideeri.ee müügipartneri roll – eesmärk oli aidata leida tööandjad, kellel on huvi ja vajadus avaldada töökuulutusi, et leida parimad töötajad erinevate ametikohtade täitmiseks.

Rahvusvahelise ettevõtte Appen projektitöö, mille eesmärk oli transkribeerida eestikeelseid audiofaile.